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My name is Richard Birkett, I’m 59, and I live with my wife Petra, her father Petr and three cats (plus fish and a few frogs in the garden pond!) in Cambridge, England. I grew up in Ilford, Essex, going to school at Bancroft’s, Woodford Green. In 1984 I came up to Cambridge to study mathematics, and liked the city so much I never left!

My brother, Malcolm, is married to Sandra and lives near Northampton. They have three children, Francesca, Joseph and Amelia.

My mum lives in Daventry, having moved there just before Christmas 1999.


I work for Worldpay, an Internet payment solutions provider. Worldpay started in Jersey, but I work in their main offices in Cambridge. After various mergers and divestments, they’re now part of FIS.

Play (more work)

When I’m not doing things with computers at work, I’m... erm... doing things with computers for individual friends and various societies.

My main other pastime is music. At my church of St Laurence’s I play the keyboard and sing (though not usually both at the same time). I also sing in the chorus of the Cambridge Philharmonic Society, and in Tapestry, a small close harmony group. While I was a student, I sang in the Emmanuel College chapel choir and in CUMS. With all of these choirs I’ve sung in many large and famous places, mostly cathedrals and churches in England, but also elsewhere. Whenever I can, I go to concerts (mostly ones where friends are performing), the opera, the theatre, and the cinema. Cambridge has a fair selection of good venues, and London is only an hour away by train or road, so it’s quite easy.

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